Charleston Civic Center
200 Civic Center Dr,
Charleston, WV 25301

(304) 345-1500​

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2018 Convention - Read this first!!!

JANUARY 11 – 13, 2018

Newspaper or Tabloid
1. Preston County Buckwheat Festival 
2. WV Strawberry Festival
3. Barbour County Fair

registration info

2018 Election of Officers Form
Deadline January 9, 2018
Use this link

1. Barbour County Fair

Brochure or Rack Card
1. Mountain State Forest Festival
2. Rhododendron Festival
3. WV Hillbilly Days

 2018 Trade Show Application and Registration
Must be a Showcase Act and/or an Associate member

Deadline December 12, 2017
Use this link

Queens Registration
 November 3, 2017

​Showcase Deadline
November 19, 2017

Convention Registration
Preferred Deadline 12/12/2017

Trade Booth
Preferred Deadline 12/12/2017

Pageant Program
1. WV Three Rivers Festival
2. Mountain State Forest Festival
3. WV Strawberry Festival

2018 Communications Award
Deadline November 19, 2017
Use this link

2018 Showcase Application
Deadline November 19, 2017
Use this link

2018 Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Deadline November 19, 2017
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WV Strawberry Festival DVD of Festival

2018 Convention Program Ad
Deadline December 12, 2017
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Pricing for the 2018 Convention
$110 Delegate and Guest Registration (per person) * Each person receives a Pageant Ticket with their Registration
$15 per person for Educational Lunch sponsored by WV Dept. of Ag on 1/13/18 - One (1) person from each Fair or Festival will receive a complimentary ticket

$25 Additional Saturday night pageant tickets will be available
Registration is scheduled to start on Friday, October 20, 2017 and detailed information will follow soon

Program Ads
Preferred Deadline 12/12/2017
Inside ads

$125 full page   --  $75 half page

Hall of Fame
November 19, 2017

Communication Awards
November 19, 2017

2017 Communications Awards

 2018 Queen's Registration Information
Deadline November 3, 2017
Use this link

convention info


1. WV Strawberry Festival 
2. Preston County Buckwheat Festival
3. Barbour County Fair

Lodging info

2018 Convention Forms currently available

Trade Show and Showcase-

Use the links below to get information on either of these topics. The links will take you to the actual forms that need to be completed for either option. On the forms are rules, regulations and information that you can review before you submit the form.

Program Ad-
Inside pages will be printed in black & white, so layout your ad accordingly - Ads can and will be adjusted to sizes specified
                      • Full Page (4 1/2 wide X 7 5/8 tall)....$125.00           • Half page (4 1/2 wide X 3 3/4 tall).....$75.00

 2018 Convention Registration
Deadline December 22, 2017
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Above are the direct links to the facilities that have negotiated member rates. The Marriott link automatically enters Group Discount "Code" and the Embassy and Holiday Inn links do not - To get codes for website or when calling for reservations - use this link for info

Program or Premium Book
1. WV Strawberry Festival
2. Preston County Buckwheat Festival
3. Berkeley County Youth Fair