Our organization represents over 100 Fair and Festival events throughout West Virginia.  Fairs and festivals are a vital part of West Virginia's tourism economy and it is critical that we continue to lobby for our industry and apply collective efforts to solving problems and creating new ideas for the future.

If you have not received an invitation to join, use the button to the left to visit the WVAFF Homepage at MemberPlanet and use the "Join Our Group" button in the top right hand corner to create an account.

  • If you are currently a member, you will use this option to renew
  • If you are a new Fair/Festival Event, you will use this option to join

Member info

In our ongoing efforts to improve communications and promote your Event and/or Pageant - or in the case of Associate members, your services - we have to make a move from the “paper form and Excel spreadsheet” world.

We are collaborating with MemberPlanet to help facilitate these changes. MemberPlanet currently works with schools, churches, PTA groups, educational foundations, fraternal, social, Greek and alumni groups around the world and has created all of the online tools needed for communications, payments, donations, registration forms, the ability to share event photos and much more.

Use this link to get information about the current process of becoming an Event Member.

Yearly Renewal of Dues

Due to our floating Convention dates, and the wide range of member Event dates, we have chosen to make membership renewals on a calendar year basis, meaning that 2018 dues should be renewed by January 1, 2018, as the fiscal year ends on December 31, 2017. This will cover your membership through December 31, 2018.  Reminders will automatically be emailed to the members starting one month before expiration, and you may renew online or by mail. The price will be the same whether you renew online, by mail or at the Convention.

We understand that some of you choose to renew your membership at the annual Convention and that will still be an option. Just be aware that you will get renewal notices before the convention, letting you know about the renewal date and process.

If you have your Event and Pageant dates for 2018 or members of your board have changed, or your business has information that needs updated, it is time to log in to your memberplanet account and update that info.

We will be using your updates in memberplanet for the pages in the 2018 Convention program that will display your Event/Business information. We will also be using your updated info to create a webpage that you will have access to so that you can relay any changes that should be made before the Program goes to print.

If you have forgotten your password, you may request a "Password Reset"  by including your name and the name of your Event in an email to wvafftech@gmail.com

Memberplanet Update Procedure -

Log in and look for the "My Profile" on left menu and go to the "Other" tab and click "Edit". After you change the info, make sure to click on the "Save" button before exiting. Once you log in, you can also change the email address and password for your account on the same screen.

Look at this screen shot for help.