Our organization represents over 100 Fair and Festival events throughout West Virginia.  Fairs and festivals are a vital part of West Virginia's tourism economy and it is critical that we continue to lobby for our industry and apply collective efforts to solving problems and creating new ideas for the future.

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Today’s organizations are driven by the way they collect and utilize data. And the truly successful organizations combine this data with web and social media to enhance their communications with customers, vendors and the public.

As stated in our by-laws, we are to be a vehicle through which general information relative to fairs and festivals may be communicated for the best interest of its members, the fair and festival-going public.

In our ongoing efforts to improve communications and promote your Event and/or Pageant - or in the case of Associate members, your services - we have to make a move from the “paper form and Excel spreadsheet” world.

We are collaborating with MemberPlanet to help facilitate these changes. MemberPlanet currently works with schools, churches, PTA groups, educational foundations, fraternal, social, Greek and alumni groups around the world and has created all of the online tools needed for communications, payments, donations, registration forms, the ability to share event photos and much more.

Use this link to get information about the current process of becoming an Event Member.

We have sent out renewal information to members that have email contact information that we could confirm.  The process to sign up and/or update your profile is meant for the Event's main contact person - be that your president, secretary or treasurer - some one that is authorized to pay dues for the upcoming year and will take the time to stay current with information that we will be sending out.

We will ask for the Pageant Directors information while you are updating your Event's profile and information regarding this year's Pageant will be sent to the Event's contact info and the Pageant Director.

If you must have a paper form to register you can request one here, using "Form Request" in the title of the email. Be sure to include your name and complete mailing address in the message. You will still need to fill out the same required fields to complete your membership.