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This page contains information about registering your Queen for the upcoming WVAFF Queen's Pageant

For general pageant questions and to inquire about appearances by Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals, you can contact Jean Smith, State Pageant Director, at 304.768.3932 (home) 304.421.3932 (cell or text)  or email - .

For technical questions, contact Woody Miller at

Phases of Competition
Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs & Festivals Pageant

Photogenic Competition: This area of competition is separate from the 3 phases of competition considered in choosing the WVAFF Queen. A separate panel of judges will select Miss Photogenic. Judging will occur during the Event Promotion Competition. The Photogenic Award will be presented at the conclusion of the Event Promotion Competition.

Event Promotion:  All contestants will present their Event Promotion (30 second maximum) during the competition held on Friday afternoon and evening. All contestants will wear matching shirts that are sponsored by Gambill Amusements. The tee shirt color for the 2018 Event Promotion is dark green (4-H ). The graphic and printing will be white. Contestants should also plan to wear dark blue jeans with NO embellishments. Contestants may wear shoes of their choice. Please remember the 30 second presentation is the most important part of the Event Promotion competition.During each presentation, a light bar will be on the stage to indicate the time remaining for each presentation. Green light for 25 seconds and yellow light with 5 seconds.  At the conclusion of the 30 seconds the red light will come on. Contestants going over the time limit will be disqualified from that phase of competition only. Comfortable shoes are encouraged, as well! NO PROPS ARE PERMITTED!!!

Judges Interview: Competition occurs Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, dependent on group assignment. Each contestant will participate in a 2-minute panel style interview with the judges. Judges will consider poise, communication skills, personality, and natural beauty. Attire for this competition should reflect the choices of the contestant & the event being represented.

Evening Gown Competition: This is the final phase of competition and will be held Saturday evening. Judging is based on poise, personality, and natural beauty. All evening gowns must be floor length and sashes should be worn in full wrap style. Gown should reflect the choices of the contestant and the event being represented.

Fifteen (15) Semi- Finalist:  Tabulations from Event Promotion, Judges Interview, and Evening Gown will determine the top 15 semi-finalists. The top 15 will participate in an on-stage interview with questions being taken from the information provided on the contestant fact sheets. 5 finalists will be chosen. The queen and runner up positions will be named from the top 5 finalists.

***This breakdown of the competition is as November 20, 2017 and is subject to change

Pageant Registration
Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs & Festivals Pageant

Deadlines and payment information for the 2018 Pageant

Deadline for Queen entries was November 3, 2017

Entry Fee for the 2018 WVAFF Queens Pageant shall be $750. This is the TOTAL fee that you will pay whether you submit it online or by mail.  It has been established after a careful analysis of the actual cost per contestant (3 hotel room nights, hotel parking, various meal functions and the costs of staging, equipment and the production itself).  This will allow the WVAFF Queens Pageant to break even.

As of now, contestants should plan to arrive in Charleston on Thursday, January 11th by 3:00 pm. Contestants and pageant directors will receive a detailed schedule in early December. Rooms are reserved for Queen Contestants only, using their name on the provided form. Any other lodging reservations must be made by calling the hotel directly.

There are two separate forms that need to be submitted to complete entry for this year's pageant. One form will be for judging and hotel information. The second will be a separate form for payment/entry. The forms can be completed and submitted at different times and by different individuals.

If you are making payment for the entry fee, make sure that you are in contact with the person responsible for finances of your Event/Pageant when completing the payment form, so that everyone knows what financial transactions are taking place.

If you have a hard time scheduling time with your Queen, we suggest that she review the form and submit the answers to you via email, Word document or similar format, and then you can cut and paste to complete the form.

So that you and your Queen can collaborate, regardless of geography and schedule, we have made the judging/hotel information form viewable to the public. Should this become an issue for any reason, we will remove it from public view and the only way to have access to it will be through your MemberPlanet portal or by paper, if you request it.

Progress will not be saved for the form if it is not completed in the same session. Translation: To complete the form you must click "Submit" at the bottom of the page when completed - once you do submit the form, any changes will have to be submitted by email, as you will not be able to login and change the information.

Remember that answers to all of the questions should be kept brief and concise. Think of it as giving the judges just enough information to make them ask for the details.  Long answers may be edited at our discretion to fit the format of the contestant information sheet that will be supplied to the judges. So remember the sentence below:

The following information will be supplied to the judges on one sheet of paper that we will layout and design, therefore, keep it as brief as possible. Lengthy answers, or too much info, will be edited at our discretion.

If you look at the top right corner of the Queen's Registration form you will see the "Log In" option. This is valid only for the person that has been set up as the contact for your Event on the WVAFF MemberPlanet site. If you are not that person, do not worry about that option. This is a "Public" form and can be completed and paid for by anyone.  The advantage of being "logged in" is the pre-population of certain information (Name, Phone number, email, etc).

Important note - If the contestant is under the age of 18 at time of submittal and payment of this form, a parent/guardian must digitally sign this form in order for it to be accepted. This means that the parent/guardian must have a valid email address that is different than the contestants. Once this is verified we may have the contestant submit a separate signature form that we will coordinate with the pageant representative of the event.

You can request a paper form for Queen's info and/or payment by email.  Make sure to include the proper mailing address and the name of your event in the email.  Your request should be sent to

Hopefully we have covered most of the obvious questions, and as usual, we will deal with the not so obvious on a case by case basis.

For general pageant questions, you can contact Jean Smith, State Pageant Director, at 304.768.3932 (home) 304.421.3932 (cell or text) or email -

For technical questions, contact Woody Miller at