convention info

Below are the results of the survey we conducted to help us with planning the 2018 Convention:

More Workshops - Yes - 74%
Friday Workshops at Civic Center- Yes - 68%
Saturday Workshops at Civic Center - Yes - 60%
Saturday Trade Show hours - Yes - 63%
Silent Auction - 50 %
Communications Awards - Yes - 62%
Saturday Banquet - Yes - 57%

Based on these results, we are working with the Civic Center, during their remodel, to make sure that they can accomodate our needs for more workshops to be held on Friday and Saturday.  We are in planning stages for the following workshops - all of these are preliminary and subject to change:

Pageant Directors:
The annual meeting for updates and discussion on any upcoming changes for the 2018 Pageant season

Social Media:
This workshop may be held twice - Friday afternoon and Friday evening. It will be conducted in conjunction with a representative(s) of media outlets throughout the state with an effort to help you (and the media outlet) boost the awareness of your Event in your region - and possibly throughout the state.

Ride Safety:
Again conducted by the Department of Labor to inform you of any changes that were made during this past session of the legistlature.

Again conducted by one of our Associate Members and related to issues with entertainment/entertainers - before, during, and after your Event

New planned workshops for the 2018 Convention

Department of Agriculture:
We are in contact with them and should have more information soon about multiple workshops that they would like to present

Information from an active broker or someone with knowledge of current insurance needs - with possibly a Q & A

Department of Tourism
Representative for a presentation - with possibly a Q & A

JANUARY 11 – 13, 2018